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This music video for “On a Highway”, from Animal Collective’s Fall Be Kind EP, represents the mixed sentiments of travel. It conveys The feeling of missing home, even though you may not really be sure where home is, or enjoying your time amongst friends and beautiful scenery, yet wanting nothing more than your own bed and the company of family.

Beautiful mountain views and scenic highways are represented with an eerie, melancholic aesthetic that show this internal crossroad of emotion. This was filmed entirely on a Minolta Super 8 Autopak and manipulated digitally using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Thank you to Taylor Crawford and Dani Miller for their company and support through filming.

[blockquote author=”-animal collective, on a highway” pull=”normal”]And when they call me lucky for all the places I stay, it’s hard for me to not say, I can’t wait to find home.[/blockquote]

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